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Community Groups

This is the place where life happens, a place where you connect with others heading in the same direction. Community Groups are intimate gatherings where we study the Bible, connect in authentic ways, and challenge each other to have an outward impact as we grow in our faith.

Community groups are taking place on every corner of the campus, and throughout the off-campus community. Find one that works for you Here.
Weekly Meeting

Every Thursday night CRU puts on a meeting that we like to think of as our front door. This meeting is a place for you to come and check out what we are all about. No pressure. We have a good time, laugh a lot, and ultimately, think deeply about how we as college students can be a part of transforming the world for Christ.

We Meet Thursday Nights at 8:45 in the Grandfather Ballroom. Find out more here.
Friday Afternoon Club

If the weekly meeting is our front door, The Friday Afternoon Club is the back one. Actually, there’s no door at all because F.A.C is about exploring the outdoors. Hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and exploring. This is your chance to get off campus and experience some beautiful places and high adventure with other App Students.

Our goal for the Friday Afternoon Club is to provide a great environment for you to experience the truths of life in an active, hands-on way and have some fun along the way. Check our social Media for Updates on were we are going next!
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